“Lifeflip: A Fantasy” – Writing Exercise

I submitted this to our U3A Newsletter and was informed they had to put a disclaimer at the end. Wow!

Update: After some discussion, here is the disclaimer authored by myself:

Disclaimer: The following exercise is an experiment in creative non-fiction writing based on personal opinion, imagination and information in the Sydney Morning Herald article, “Mathias Cormann: A tale of two lives” May 2, 2014 https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/mathias-cormann-a-tale-of-two-lives-20140502-zr37g.html

Barmy Boomer

U3A Writing for Pleasure Class: Exercise to do at Home while we are all Socially Isolating

Ex. 1 Write a short paragraph of a story you may use as a starter for a short story of anything up to 3000 words.
Ex. 2 Write a descriptive paragraph of a character from your first paragraph.
Ex. 3 Describe a room/house where your character might live.

Ideas: Given our crisis today write a story about 2021


It was October 2021. Since the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, the world had flipped. Brought on by the worldwide existential angst rising upwards as invisible drifts of anxiety and panic, the change in atmospheric energy had slowly transitioned the earth and her population into a parallel universe. In this world the Buddhist concept of karma had mutated resulting in each person living out their karmic destiny within their present life. Hence, Peter Dutton lived…

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