Bored by Coronavirus – now What?

Living on the wrong side of the border of New South Wales and Victoria, this whole pandemic has not really affected me. All right, I had an interview for the U3A (University of the Third Age) with one of the committee members for the forthcoming Newsletter who lives in Albury and we were going to meet at BBB’s. Now we will do the interview via Zoom. Both of us are proficient in setting up a meeting – just want to acknowledge the steep learning curve our boomer generation has been on! So, no biggie. We’ll just have to enjoy our coffee and cake virtually!

Many of the U3A classes have continued to be conducted via Zoom, even our Coffee Mornings, the latest being with Bruce Pennay from CSU (Charles Sturt University) who delivered an enlightening presentation about Drysdale’s War-Time Albury. Russell Drysdale spent a lot of time between Albury and his home in Vaucluse, Sydney. He travelled out to many of the smaller townships, ironically set up with optimistic architecture in the 1920’s in expectation of prosperity through wheat. Now in the 1940’s the streets are depicted as empty, so similar to the current pandemic. Believe it or not, a poster at the time proclaimed: “Keep Calm But Cheerful”!

Drover’s Wife

So getting back to my original question, of course our only option is to revert to Zoom. Really, it is fine. Both of us are thankful for our access to Zoom in these strange times.

For those of you living in cities and states where you are on the way to pre-COVID conditions – good luck to you! And best wishes. For those of us now back in lockdown, honestly thank goodness I’m retired and it doesn’t affect me that much. But let us have some compassion for the many younger and affected in our community who are being disrupted as no-one would have anticipated.


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