Girls and Women and Autism: What’s the Difference – Sarah Hendrickx on YouTube

This is the best information I’ve seen on Autism in Women and Girls. Sarah Hendrickx has collaborated with worldwide expert in this field, Tony Attwood who lives in Queensland, Australia. She had a late diagnosis at the age of 43 and unlike so many, is able to speak from the inside out. She is also a mother. I’ve found this talk so helpful as she is speaking as an older woman who has been able to look back and make sense of her life. Sarah has participated in over 800 assessments so her experience of women on the spectrum is very broad. Here Sarah is speaking to professionals at the National Autistic Society South Hampshire in the UK. This is well worth watching.

Sarah Hendrickx

I’ve just received a copy of her book “Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age”. I am so looking forward to getting into it!

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