Whimsy and Whimsical

I recently spent time in a local inpatient clinic to sort out medication. Whilst there, I was exposed to a cross-section of society with whom I would never otherwise meet. One of the male inpatients who educated me in the error of making assumptions used the above words.

Seemingly a “real Aussie male” saying he enjoyed “murder and mayhem” in his TV viewing, he then went on to speak about his love of French movies describing them as having “whimsy”.

French Movies

As a lover of British and European movies, I was somewhat surprised and indeed, delighted that this “macho Aussie” male even had the word “whimsy” in his vocabulary!

Another time, the touching Chinese movie “Coming Home” played on SBS Movies. It was his choice to watch this movie and gradually several others, including myself, were drawn into watching this poignant and whimsical story.

“Coming Home”

Life is full of surprises!


  1. No I didn’t see Parasite, though it clearly was popular. Don’t know Burning. There is a Korean film on SBS set between Japan and Korea that is beautiful. Can’t remember the name, about cooking. The Nightingale is another one on SBS that is poignant, a favourite of mine actually set in China. As is Coming Home, 20 years after the cultural revolution.


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